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Beyond the Bucks

Eye Care’s Opportunity in Health Care Reform

This paper was originally published in November 2010 and several times since, under different titles and for focused audiences. Why another re-write? As you would expect, time has passed and events needed to be updated. The more important reason, however, is you. This time around, the audience is you, eye care providers from all corners of the profession. There is another important change as well. Formerly, my colleague and I wrote from a position of vendor bias. Coming now from Eye Care Advice, this reiteration of the message comes without vendor bias. I remain indebted to my colleague, James E. Grue, O.D. for his unparalleled insight into health care reform. Together, we wish you every success as you continue to dig deep to understand the changes you must make in order to thrive in the new era of value-driven health care we call “reform”.

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 Written by Alistair Jackson, M. Ed. Posted in Books

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About the Author(s)

Alistair Jackson, M. Ed.

Alistair Jackson, M. Ed.

Alistair Jackson, M.Ed. enjoyed a first career as teacher and school administrator then served for 12 years in a sales, marketing and business development capacity for an eye care software company. There, he specialized in understanding the transformational role of certified EHR technology. Alistair understands the learning process and organizational change, both of which are required for eye care practices seeking to adapt to the ever-changing environment we call health care reform.

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