Larry Alexander, OD FAAO (1947 - 2016)


My heart is broken hearing of Larry's passing. Anyone who knew Larry was a better person for it. Last week Larry asked me to remove EyeLessons in its entirety so I reluctantly took it down. He also told me I could do with it whatever I want with it, so I'm putting it back up so others can enjoy Larry's style of education for a little longer.  EyeLessons was a labor of love, and I was constantly amazed at the content output by one of Optometry's leading educators.

Larry, I will miss you. It was an honor working with you and calling you a friend.

-Adam Parker, OD
(the guy behind the scenes of EyeLessons)

posted April 18, 2016

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Bill Dilworth

Bill Dilworth

Bill Dilworth began in ophthalmology as a technician at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. During his 20 years there, he worked with all the sub-specialists and learned a great deal about eyes, practices, and patients. When the imaging center was stated under the direction of Drs. Schuman and Ishikawa, he was appointed to the lead position.

While running the Imaging Center at UPMC Bill worked with several companies to help develop and improve their devices and software. The move to Optovue was an extension of these efforts. In the last 7 years while working for Optovue, Bill has continued to work with doctors, engineers, technicians, and staff to promote visualizing and understanding of our eyes and the many things that can go wrong with them.

Anterior Segment Scanning with SDOCT