Children’s Books by an Amazing Optometrist

I continue to take great pride in our optometric sisters and brothers who author books and articles. Writing is a gift and represents seriously hard work. I want to herein highlight the efforts of Erin Searfoss, OD (Erin Hartung). Erin has a series of children’s books that are just delightful. The message and the illustrations are elegant. Again, I have to say that neither me (Larry Alexander) nor receive any promotional support nor a share of sales in Erin’s books. I just want to point to the remarkable efforts of this optometrist. You should read Erin’s story in Women in Optometry September 2013 on page 15.


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Erin points out that Enny Penny is a little girl with big wishes! Erin also encourages us to follow her adventures in the series that can be found at All of us should have these in our office waiting rooms and in our homes. These are pieces of art representing who we are as a profession. I just bought all four online. Thank you Erin for your gift.

Monday, 16 December 2013 Written by Larry J Alexander OD FAAO Posted in Philosophy/Editorials

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Larry J Alexander OD FAAO

Larry J Alexander OD FAAO

Dr. Alexander (1948-2016) was a 1971 graduate of Indiana University School of Optometry. He served in the US Navy then served as a Professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Optometry. Larry contributed to a number of chapters in textbooks and has published three editions of Primary Care of the Posterior Segment, as well as contributed to the professional literature. He also lectured extensively in the area of ocular and systemic disease. His areas of special interest included dysfunctional tear syndrome, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  His lessons are the basis for this site and he will be dearly missed. 

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