Larry Alexander, OD FAAO (1947 - 2016)


My heart is broken hearing of Larry's passing. Anyone who knew Larry was a better person for it. Last week Larry asked me to remove EyeLessons in its entirety so I reluctantly took it down. He also told me I could do with it whatever I want with it, so I'm putting it back up so others can enjoy Larry's style of education for a little longer.  EyeLessons was a labor of love, and I was constantly amazed at the content output by one of Optometry's leading educators.

Larry, I will miss you. It was an honor working with you and calling you a friend.

-Adam Parker, OD
(the guy behind the scenes of EyeLessons)

posted April 18, 2016

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It’s kind of like…

The art of patient communication

It’s kind of like…

It is much easier to capture and retain a patients’ attention if they present with a corneal foreign body than it is to have the same patient listen to you explain the significance of their newly diagnosed – or ongoing – glaucoma. The range of significance of the various glaucoma conversations can be as seemingly benign as discussing the significance of a positive family history to as attention-grabbing as managing a case of painful, acute angle closure. Most of our glaucoma patients reside somewhere between these two extremes. The typically painless and frequently unremarkable presenting and ongoing symptoms associated with most glaucoma patients sometimes makes it difficult to convey the significance of this silent thief of sight. Poor patient comprehension partially linked to inefficient patient education contributes to the staggeringly poor compliance rates of glaucoma patients.

Case Challenge 2

Honing Observation Skills

Case Challenge 2

62 year old black female in for follow-up evaluation. No complaints. Patient is being treated for glaucoma. Unaided VA 20/20 OU and IOP slightly elevated on a prostaglandin. Is there anything wrong and what is the next step?

Performing the Family Scan

Case Lesson #2

Performing the Family Scan

- 25 yo c/o blurred vision that seems to be getting worse

- “should i continue in college or am i going blind?”

- dad doesn’t see too well and was told he has macular degeneration

- bcva o.u. 20/30 with o.d. -4.75-1.25 x 155 and o.s. -3.50-2.25x 005

- IOP 20 mm hg o.u.

- 20/20 vision in the past, confirmed by call to previous doctor

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