Larry Alexander, OD FAAO (1947 - 2016)


My heart is broken hearing of Larry's passing. Anyone who knew Larry was a better person for it. Last week Larry asked me to remove EyeLessons in its entirety so I reluctantly took it down. He also told me I could do with it whatever I want with it, so I'm putting it back up so others can enjoy Larry's style of education for a little longer.  EyeLessons was a labor of love, and I was constantly amazed at the content output by one of Optometry's leading educators.

Larry, I will miss you. It was an honor working with you and calling you a friend.

-Adam Parker, OD
(the guy behind the scenes of EyeLessons)

posted April 18, 2016

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Optic Nerve Glaucoma or Not?

Optic Nerve Glaucoma or Not?

54 yo

  - routine eye evaluation

  - knows doctors were concerned about her eyes years ago and had ordered ct and      mri all of which were “normal”

  - best corrected va od 20/20 os 20/20

  - cct 533, 537

  - iop 17 well defined inferior vf defects

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