Larry Alexander, OD FAAO (1947 - 2016)


My heart is broken hearing of Larry's passing. Anyone who knew Larry was a better person for it. Last week Larry asked me to remove EyeLessons in its entirety so I reluctantly took it down. He also told me I could do with it whatever I want with it, so I'm putting it back up so others can enjoy Larry's style of education for a little longer.  EyeLessons was a labor of love, and I was constantly amazed at the content output by one of Optometry's leading educators.

Larry, I will miss you. It was an honor working with you and calling you a friend.

-Adam Parker, OD
(the guy behind the scenes of EyeLessons)

posted April 18, 2016

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Hydroxchloroquine and Chloroquine Toxicity


Hydroxchloroquine and Chloroquine Toxicity

This update is in response to the fact that new information is continually being uncovered regarding Plaquenil toxicity and testing for Plaquenil toxicity.  The primary objective of this paper is to highlight the fact that the levels needed to achieve toxicity are related to the status of functioning of the liver and kidneys which work to clear the drug. 

Ocular Side Effects of Systemic Drugs and Nutraceuticals


Ocular Side Effects of Systemic Drugs and Nutraceuticals

Health care providers should be cognizant of the potential side effects of the various medications prescribed to their patients by other providers.  Those concerns must include self-prescribed over the counter agents.  The pharmacist is the coordinator of the team regarding prescriptive medications.  Included in the list of potential offenders should be some of the over-the-counter medications and nutraceuticals with some attention to the interaction of the various combinations in the management of the patients.  For example, patients often do not consider the interactions of supplemental vitamin E or Gingko Biloba with often used anti-coagulants.  Questioning of patients regarding all supplements that they may use is critical and must be recorded in the chart.

So You Think Checking For Plaquenil Toxicity Will Not Make A Difference?


So You Think Checking For Plaquenil Toxicity Will Not Make A Difference?

Recently new guidelines for the management of patients taking PLAQUENIL were released. Two of the authors of this article published in this area, being the first to point to the importance of assessing kidney and liver function in all patients scheduled to be placed on PLAQUENIL.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 Written by Larry J Alexander OD FAAO, Kim Sneed, LPN, CNC, Dwayne Yeager BSRT, OD, FAAO Posted in Philosophy/Editorials